Company breakfast
and tasting menus.

Minimum budget for catering 500€ without VAT.
We also offer Bistro 24 (space) for evening events on Mondays
and Tuesdays.

Join our satisfied clients

We have proven breakfast specialties that will feed an entire company or even a conference. (we cook for the By Design Conference).

If you want to impress your business partners, we will design and cook you a special 7-course evening tasting menu in our bistro.

If you have a special event, we can prepare an equally special menu for you, and Lukáš can also make his grilled specialties on the spot.

Contact us as soon as possible, to secure your preferred date (at least one week before the event).

In addition to food, we can also help you with drinks and if necessary, we can rent dishes or deliver disposable, ecologically friendly ones.